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In a Couple's Legacy, each individual tells his or her own story including family history, childhood, and early adulthood. The couple is then interviewed together for "their" story, including their first date, marriage and family, and reflections on growing older. This third section reads like a play, preserving not only the couple's stories, but the special way in which they interact with one another.

Shown here
A husband and wife document their family history from the 1800s in Ireland, including their own story of meeting, marrying, and immigrating to the United States with seven young children.
Project specs
16-hour interview, edited. 30 photos, offset printed, 12 clothbound copies with family crest on cover.
12 months

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On behalf of the entire family, I would like to thank Mandy Syers for being so creative, organized, and extremely patient in publishing this history. I'm grateful for all the skill and care she put into creating this family heirloom for all to read and enjoy.

-- Kevin O'Neil