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Step 2: Editing

1: The Interview 2: Editing 3: Photos and Layout 4: Making the Book

The interview is transcribed, creating a word for word, typed version of the interview. Next, this transcript is edited. Interview questions are removed, the story is put in chronological order, and the text is smoothed into a flowing narrative. My goal is to make these edits "invisible" while preserving your voice and intentions. Click to see an editing sample.

You receive a draft to make any desired changes. You always have complete control over the contents of the book. Your changes are incorporated, and a second draft is returned for your review.

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Step 3: Photos and Layout

Heirloom Books · Providence, RI · (401) 714-3736 · e-mail

Dad's book is fantastic! His "character" really shines through, the interaction with my mom is as if you're sitting there listening to them, and the pictures/ historical side bars are great and rich. You do beautiful work. Please don't hesitate to use me as a reference for future work.

--John Kelly III