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Step 1: The Interview

1: The Interview 2: Editing 3: Photos and Layout 4: Making the Book

Before any work is started, we discuss your desires for the project and agree on an estimate.

Next, I conduct a personal interview, a relaxed conversation in which I will ask questions to spark memories from every stage of life. We start with your family history, then continue through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and end with reflections about life on the whole. Shorter interviews can be done in one sitting; longer interviews are broken up into several sessions. Because your comfort is essential, I'm happy to travel anywhere to conduct the interview at home or with family support.

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Step 2: Editing

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When our son asked me if I would like to do a book of my own, my answer was, "I have not had an exciting life," but I agreed. Mandy came to our home and we spent three days together. What an experience! I will never forget it. I thank Mandy for her charm and for her interest in my life. Her questions were insightful and fun, and have set in motion in myself the realization that I am an interesting person!

-- Marie Kelly