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Collect old letters and memorabilia

In this project you will gather together old letters, newspaper clippings, birth certificates -- anything that helps document someone's life or has sentimental value. Some ideas: receipts, ticket stubs, calendars, recipes, Christmas cards, photographs, postcards, drawings, journals, poems. If these items are originals you can scan, photocopy, or photograph them so that you have a backup copy to keep in a safe place. You can also photograph objects that you associate with someone, such as Grandpa's pipe or a bit of Grandma's sewing. Document all these items by noting who they belonged to, the dates, and the significance. Store backup copies in a different place from the originals, such as a relative's house or a safe deposit box. If you store material on the computer, make sure to back up your files and store the backup in a separate location. The better your memorabilia is documented now, the easier it will be for future generations to see into the lives of their ancestors.

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